A mobile app as a digital extension

A mobile app as a digital extensionHEY!USA
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Anyone who loves The United States and wants to go on a roundtrip there would do well to take a look at the website, and application, of HEY!USA. Sebastiaan, Marjolein and Gunther share the same passion for the USA. They have made it their mission to create travel guides of different cities in America and all there is to experience.
To inspire and guide travellers and USA fanatics through America. And preferably through both their online platform and a new application as an extension. That was the goal of the team behind HEY!USA.
We immediately felt the chemistry with the team of HEY!USA and started this project with a thorough kick-off meeting. There, we focused on founder Sebastiaan's goals, pain points and requirements to understand his vision as well as possible. A clear project plan was drawn up and we created a vision where we were all on the same page.
Sebastiaan previously developed a separate app for each city in a limited programme. We decided to stick with one central app. We developed a powerful back-end in Strapi that allows Sebastiaan and his team to easily add new guides. In the app, users get an interactive map showing all points of interest. Think: restaurants, monuments, parks and so much more. They also get to see features such as metro lines. To ensure the best possible user experience, the app is also available offline. Since not every traveller has either data or wifi abroad.
The result? A scalable mobile app that extends Sebastiaan's platform. We developed a user-friendly app with an advanced CMS so that adding new cities and guides is a breeze. Travellers can use the app anywhere thanks to offline access and plot the best route using an interactive map that shows them all the interesting hot spots. We look back with great satisfaction on a successful collaboration. Transparency and good communication were key for both our team and Sebastiaan's. And although the corona crisis did not make it easy, the result is definitely worth it. To top it all, there is still more to come. We are currently working with Founder Sebastiaan to add new functionalities. This way, we are further developing the app so that it can evolve into a fully-fledged digital travel guide. To be continued!
The great thing about working with PandaPanda is that they really developed the app as an in-house team. We provided the wireframes, designs and functional design. PandaPanda took care of the logic, development and that the app works perfectly. An ideal match with which we developed an app that we will expand step by step in the coming years. To stay true to PandaPanda's motto: digital product built to last. We are therefore very much looking forward to further developing the app!
Sebastiaan Klijnen, Founder HEY!USA