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Seamless Rent-to-Own web platformKOQOON
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Koqoon simplifies homeownership with its rent-to-buy solution. Choose your dream home, rent it from Koqoon, and later buy it back, seamlessly transitioning from tenant to owner while saving substantially on future rents.
Koqoon, a visionary company dedicated to making homeownership accessible through rent-to-buy schemes, faced significant operational hurdles. Their manual approach, reliant on basic online forms, was far from efficient. The task of verifying eligibility for potential homeowners was painstaking, requiring the collection and review of various documents like payslips. Additionally, the process of identifying suitable properties was time-consuming, compounded by the need for manual follow-ups via email and phone. This cumbersome process slowed down their mission of helping clients transition from renters to homeowners.
Enter PandaPanda. Our mission was to revolutionize Koqoon's operations by developing a mobile-friendly web platform. This platform wasn't just a digital tool; it was a game-changer. By automating numerous tasks, it freed Koqoon to focus on their core mission: sourcing the right homes for their clients. Key features include: Automated Onboarding: The platform streamlines the initial client engagement, gathering essential financial data to assess buying eligibility swiftly. Intelligent Property Selection: It enables efficient browsing and selection of properties, aligning choices with client preferences and eligibility. Document Management: All necessary documents are now easily managed and accessible within the platform.
Understanding the urgency, PandaPanda adopted a pragmatic, results-driven approach. Initiating with a two-week design sprint, we swiftly transitioned into development. Working hand-in-glove with Koqoon's team, we built a robust, scalable platform. This MPV (Minimum Viable Product) was not just a technological solution; it was a strategic asset, poised to handle the influx of aspiring homeowners.
Thanks to this collaboration, Koqoon is now at the forefront of digital innovation in the rent-to-buy sector. Our platform has not only streamlined their operations but also enhanced the client experience, making the journey to homeownership smoother, faster, and more enjoyable. Koqoon's case is a testament to our commitment to delivering transformative digital solutions.
We are very happy with our collaboration with PandaPanda. They were very good at understanding our needs and building a solid platform, but what really differentiates them was the business-driven approach they took to understand our customers and make sure we built something right for them.
Bennett Huyghebaert - Co-Founder of Koqoon